Surfer Gift Guide: What to buy the surfer in your life

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surfer gift guide

It’s December and you know what that means! Time to search for the perfect gift for the surfer in your life. And, who are we fooling? Absolutely no one. We all love gifts. Especially, gifts for ourselves! If it makes you feel better you can call them rewards. So maybe you woke up on time every morning this week?! Right on! You should check out our Holiday “rewards” list.

If you’re being good and actually looking for gifts for other people, we hope this holiday gift guide will help you make the water women in your life happy!

Pretty Gifts! (go ahead, call them ‘rewards’ if you need to)

surfer gift guide

1. Imogene and Willie High Rise Jeans
The best jeans on the planet! Why? Two words- high waisted. Not mom jeans, although those seem to be in style. No, these jeans tuck Judith back into her spanks and may even give you a waist. They’re also made by adults’ hands in America.

2. Booby cosmetic bags and pillow cases
Why? Just look at them! AND it holds a LOT!

3. Cute single cup coffee cone
Because sometimes (ahem, most of the time) we all need a little caffeine pick-me-up before a surf.

4. Some yummers High Wire coffee
This doesn’t exactly fall into the ‘pretty’ category but #3 would be quite useless without it.

5. A quilt—with the coast on it!
Everyone needs that one perfect quilt for cuddling up by the fire or for throwing over a chair to brighten up a room. And obviously, the surfer in your life loves the coast so, win-win!

6. Robin Lanei Surf Art
A Robin Lanei print is one of our favorite gifts to give–anytime of the year! Not only is Robin a Seeking Peaks Ambassador and surf instructor extraordinaire, she also creates hilarious surf cartoons guaranteed to bring a smile.

Get the Gear!

surfer gift guide

1. The Surf Moo Moo
This is a great gift because no respectable surfer is going to buy this for herself but every cold water surfer wants one. They keep you warm and covered when changing out of your wetsuit and you can always wear one for Halloween and go as Gandalf the Grey–two for one! Check our Sawyer Land and Sea Supply, an awesome women owned and operated surf company in Santa Cruz, Ca.

2. Hand Planes
Body surfing is a wonderful way to get more intimate with the waves and to keep surfing fun when the conditions aren’t perfect. Body surfing is also a killer workout. Super biscuit hand planes are hand made from broken recycled surfboards in Santa Cruz, Ca. They’re like mini surfboards for your hands!

3. Da Fins
You can’t body surf without fins. Da Fin is an old school Hawai’i based company that has made fins for decades for lifeguards and the salty h2o inclined. Plus they come in lots of colors!

4. Jolyn Swimwear
Swimsuits that stay on anyone? There was a point during my nearly 20 years of surfing when I decided to accept that with every wipeout, I was going to give the lineup a show. Well not anymore! Jolyn Swimwear totally stays put! And it’s fun to mix and match.

5. Opinel Pocket Knives
A pocket knife might seem like a strange suggestion, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we’ve thought ‘I could really use a pocket knife right now’? Super useful gift!

6. Rumple Travel Blankets
Great for warming up in the car after a surf!

Big gifts!

surfer gift guide

1. Las Olas Surf Safaris
Looking for a surf buddy? Just get your best friend to learn how to surf by buying her the coolest vacation on the planet! One week of instruction by women, with women, in warm Mexico? YES, please!
Las Olas Surf Safaris, in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, is recognized as the world’s premier surf and yoga retreat for women. Their motto: “We make girls out of women.” Surf safaris include ocean front villas with jaw-breaking views, yoga, surf lessons, boat trip, massage and more. Special sessions geared to never-ever and/or advanced level surfers. Starting at $2,695; Sessions sell out quickly.

2. Patagonia wetsuit
Nothing says ‘I love you’ like the gift of warmth. Patagonia’s new line of wetsuits will do just that. And to top it off, they are neoprene free, FSC certified, made with natural rubber and recycled material—all of which means lower CO2 emissions. AND they come with an ironclad guarantee.

3. A surfboard!
If you’re buying this for yourself or you know nothing about surfing but want to buy a board for the charger in your life, TRUST us on this one. Ashley Lloyd creates magical carpet sliders!

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