Surf Tips: How to stay stoked for a cold water surf

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Seeking Peaks’ Surf Tip of the Week:

When you’re headed out for a cold water surf, put your wetsuit on at HOME!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Tofino for an all women’s surf contest, Queen of the Peak. While there I got the opportunity to surf with some friends and Seeking Peaks Ambassadors, Kate Prothero and Nicole Lohse. As usual, they let me in on a hot surf tip that I never would have though of on my own.

Day 1, Nicole calls me and suggests we all meet at her house to suit up.

“Huh? Suit up? We going out on the town?”


Who in their right mind puts their wetsuit on before going to the beach?! What if the waves suck? What if someone sees you? What if there is an apocalyptic disaster and you have go on CNN live to warn everyone not use their cellphones because the radio waves are waking up the zombies?

But this is where I am wrong—not about the apocalyptic disaster—about the waves sucking and about doing everything in your power to surf more. So here are the reasons why putting your wetsuit on at home is the coolest and our surf tip of the week:

  1. We all want to be better surfers. To get better we have to surf more. To surf more we need less excuses. IE—It’s cold and women don’t like to be cold.
  2. Your suit is dry. Enough said.
  3. If you take a dry wetsuit off, somewhere a mermaid dies.
  4. Black is slimming
  5. Warm is warm. Take my word for it. After suiting up at Nicole’s before feeling that cold ocean breeze on my skin, I would have surfed anything. It was wonderful and the waves were fun.

So, there you go–our surf tip of the week! Stay tuned for more Tuesday Tidings from Seeking Peaks.

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