Rad Reads: Weekly round-up from Seeking Peaks

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Another week, another weekly round-up of our favorite stories. Enjoy!

In this post, we respond to criticism of Janice Greenwood’s recent article and the suggestions that women are seeking masculinity in the world of surfing.


This article by Janice Greenwood, was written in response to an argument that women in big wave surfing are not ready for competition, although contests like Titans of Maverick’s and Jaws are, for the first time, including an all-female heat in each of their contests. Read more…

And because it’s Friday and you might be sitting at work looking for another way to procrastinate, our 2016 Surfer Gift Guide. Look no further for the best gifts for the water women in your life…. or, for yourself!


surfer gift guide

It’s December and you know what that means! Time to search for the perfect gift for the surfer in your life. And, who are we fooling? Absolutely no one. We all love gifts. Especially, gifts for ourselves! If it makes you feel better you can call them rewards. So maybe you woke up on time every morning this week?! Right on! You should check out our Holiday “rewards” list.

If you’re being good and actually looking for gifts for other people, we hope this holiday gift guide will help you make the water women in your life happy! Read more…

Of course we have to include this great write up about the one and only Robin Lanei and her evolution into one of wittiest surf artists around.

Rad Read: Surfing Cartoons / Artist Robin Lanei’s Struggle is Real… and Hilarious

Article written by Tara, co-founder of LUSH PALM
Originally posted on LushPalm.com

Some people take surfing waaaay too seriously. Robin Lanei isn’t one of those people. Based in Sayulita, Mexico, Robin is a surfer/artist/surf instructor extraordinaire whose work reflects the fun and ridiculous moments in surfing. Which, let’s be honest, happen a LOT.

Robin’s work is so relatable because it’s based on the tiny challenges and victories that surfers face every day, in and out of the water. Read more…

 A dolphin superpod, right in our own backyard!

Video taken by Randy Straka / Princess Monterey Whale Watching
You can read the full article here.

It’s almost 2017, which means a plethora of ‘lists’ about 2016. This is our favorite so far. Badass women alert!

17 Badass Women You Probably Didn’t Hear About In 2016

By Rossalyn Warren, Buzzfeed Reporter
Original article here

1. This girl who stared down a riot policeman during a protest in Chile to remember the country’s disappeared. Read more…

Because Madonna. And James Corden. And Madonna and Michael Jackson-what?!

James and Madonna go for a drive through New York City singing classics from her epic catalog of music, and James learns about Madonna’s relationship with Michael Jackson.

And we’ll end it with this because everyone loves a kangaroo hopping in the waves- right?! Right.

Any rad reads, watches, or listens to share? Post them in the comments!

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